Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Dear NBC Executives:

First off, thank you for renewing Chuck for a fourth season. Take it from a girl that has sexual fantasies about a threesome with Casey and Morgan, we are grateful. It is the little show that could. No one expected it to get picked up for a second season let alone a fourth. And its loyal fanbase thanks you. I mean what other TV show's fanbase would buy subway footlongs or incite flash mobs to save their show?

That being said, with the recent cancellation of Heroes leaving Chuck at that 8pm Monday time-slot is just irresponsible. You're putting the little show that could up against House and Dancing with the Stars, two ratings behemoths. Add in One Tree Hill and How I Met Your Mother, and its surprising that Chuck is still on the air at all!

I realize you think leaving Chuck at the 8pm slot is good idea because it can be the lead in for the two new comedy shows that will follow it. But how is it going to lead in anything when its up against ratings giants? I mean you didn't move Heroes to be the lead in for Chuck, even though Heroes had much better ratings when Chuck started. Plus whats on at the 9 pm time slot? 24 is canceled, so who knows what Fox is going to put in that slot. Gossip Girl gets decent numbers but its not really a competitor for Chuck. The tail end of Dancing with the stars isn't really competition. That means the only shows its up against is Two and a Half Men and the Big Bang Theory. Both good shows, but nothing like going up against House

So NBC do the responsible thing. Move Chuck to 9pm on Monday. I bet it gets bigger numbers

The Chuck Fanbase
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