Friday, May 7, 2010

I Want the Fairytale

I've spent a large part of my life telling myself I do need or want a relationship. That I am independent enough that those things are beyond me. I'm the same person with or without a relationship, right? If I'm dating someone great and if I'm not great. But I realize the other night: I want the fairytale.

Which means i have to stop dating the kinds of men I date. By that i have to stop dating guys I need to fix, guys that I'm settling for, and guys that are settling for me. I'm awesome and amazing and genuine and I waste a lot of time with guys, when it is so clear that I am someone they are settling for rather than someone they want to be with. I don't want to be someone anyone settles for. I want someone whose going to appreciate me, instead of focusing on the 2 or 3 bad things about me.

Someone told me I should make a list of what I want. Here goes:
  • Someone who's going to be honest with me
  • Someone who's going to bring me flowers for no reason
  • Someone who isn't afraid to argue with me
  • Someone who sees me as a real person, not a girl on a pedestal and not a girl that's unworthy
  • Someone who is going to appreciate and respect me for me
In return they will get a girl who:
  • Is always going to be honest 
  • Is never going to cheat
  • Will bring them soup when they are sick
  • Loves Sex
  • Is always going to support them 
  • Knows they aren't perfect
  • Will not cause drama for no reason
  • Loves sports
If that's asking too much, oh well. It's what I want and what I think i deserve. I want the fairytale and not going to settle for less.


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