Friday, May 28, 2010

Common Phrases Used in My Apartment

So i say a lot of things in my apartment that make no sense and that no one ever hears but my dogs. So i thought i'd share a few of them:

"Stop Chewing on Her Butt!

Hey! Get back here with my Underwear!

The electrical outlet is not an ice cream cone, stop licking it.

Get Off Me, I am not a wrestling mat!

Stop attacking the blinds!

I don't need your assistance going to the bathroom.

Put down the cellphone, You don't even have thumbs!

She is not a Chew Toy!

You are not an intergalactic missile, stop attacking me!

Get your butt out of my face."

I feel bad for the random people walking past my apartment who hear these things. I'm probably known as the crazy lady who talks to herself in this complex. I just wish the dogs could talk back.
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