Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My 300ft death plunge

So apparently my comment about riding a 300ft skycoaster made an impression. Alright a little background information first. UNC-Sis and I were on vacay with our family down in Florida visiting other family. Said other family took us to Fun Spot USA where they happen to have the worlds largest skycoaster. It is 300ft tall which is equivalent to a 30 story building. I am not so good with heights. I'm not afraid of them, but i don't particularly love them. But UNC-Sis is an adrenaline junkie and it was her birthday, so the option was go on it, or go on it.

So we rode it and as luck would have it, our parents left early. So we got video to prove that i went on it, because no one would believe it otherwise. This is the first time I think I've ever posted a picture of myself on here. I'm the one with the curls. UNC-Sis is beside me. You will note that my eyes are closed the whole way up and half of the way down. (also the picture is a little grainy and slow to load, sorry i can't help that)

You can't see but it was over water, so even had the cable snapped mid-fall we would have hit water (even though the velocity with the depth of the water probably would have killed us anyways). It was an experience and it was fun. Now if i would ever do it again is debatable.
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