Monday, April 12, 2010

It's On My To-Do List

So Chuck is one of my favorite TV shows. I am sure I have mentioned it before. I have gotten more than one friend (and family member) hooked on the show. But due to working on my thesis and classes and life, I am way way behind on the show. I have between 4-5 episodes sitting on my Tivo que just waiting to be watched.

And all those people who I got hooked on the show keep asking me if i have caught up yet... daily.  This isn't like one or two friends either. I have got between 3-5 people asking me if i have caught up on Chuck on any given week. Trust me friends, I want to be caught up on Chuck and Lost and General Hospital (I can hear you snickering from across the computer). I just haven't found the time. I only just caught up on White Collar from this winter.

Apparently Chuck is getting wicked good, which is why all my friends want me to get caught up on it. And trust me i miss my fix of Morgan, Captain Awesome, Chuck, and Casey (I would marry John Casey- or at least have rough-against-the-wall-sex with him). I miss watching the shenanigans at the Buy More. I miss watching Sarah Walker whoop up on some badguy ass. And I promise I will watch soon, now would anyone like to write my papers for me to aid in that process?


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