Thursday, April 15, 2010

File Under: Things I Never Needed to Know Existed

So I was watching an episode of MTV's (remember when it used to play music) 16 & Pregnant. In the vein of all MTV shows aimed at stupid American teenagers, it focuses mostly on people who are narcissistic, obnoxious, idiotic drama-queens (anyone seen the Hills?).
Now understand I have nothing against pregnant teenagers. Fact: my mother got pregnant with me at 16. So you will never get some tirade from me about how these girls are not fit to be parents, although most of them are not.

Watching this show, i feel lucky that at 16 my mom was both more intelligent (although she did get knocked up at 16),  emotionally stable and mature than about 85% of the girls that MTV films. Also, my grandparents were the best support system ever. I have often said that my mom and grandparents raised me together

But this is all really beside the point. As i was watching the show the girl in question was about 28 weeks pregnant and she got excited because her new Pregnancy Belly-Button Ring came in the mail.

Seriously? I did not know they made those and i don't think i ever wanted to know that. And nothing was more gross than watching her put it in her very pregnant stomach. I just about vomited on my coffee table. I have nothing against belly-button rings per say. Fact: at 16 I had a belly-button ring. I kept it for about a year before deciding it was a complete pain in the ass and got rid of it. Now i just have tattoos instead.

Now i get the concept of having a pregnancy belly-button ring, because the stomach grows out so the old one doesn't fit. So the pregnancy one is longer and flexible and then the holes don't close during the pregnancy. Belly-button piercings are notorious for closing even after having them for 2+ years. So concept i understand.

But really? I mean come on. It's just weird and a little creepy. I mean belly-button piercings are cheap anyways. I only paid 50 bucks for mine. The girl is pregnant, which means her stomach is never going to look the same even if she does the Kate Moss heroin diet. Plus having that huge pregnancy stomach with that tiny little ring is just not sexy or attractive or anything. I think i saw the baby's foot kicking the area as she tried to put the ring it. It's just a weird concept entirely.


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