Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Do I Look Like a Directory?

Some background Info: I work in the Office of Clinical Experiences (OCE) at the College of Education for my Graduate Assistantship. The OCE places student teachers in school for internships and practicums. They do not do anything else. Here are a few phone calls i have received recently:

Rose: Office of Clinical Experiences, how can i help you?
Female Student: Hey yeah, I was looking at the paper about my student teaching (given in January)and it says that commencement is going to be may 7th at 8, but the commencement people say its going to be at 2.
Rose: Okay, we don't do commencement here.
Student: Yeah but its a paper from your department
Rose: Yeah, but we don't have anything to do with the time of commencement in this office.
Student: But this paper is from your office.
Rose: Just listen to the commencement people about what time you will be graduating

Rose: Office of Clinical Experiences, how can i help you?
Male Faculty: Hey is Mary busy?
Rose: Mary is on the phone right now can i take a message?
Faculty: No, Can you transfer me to Ann Faulkner
Rose: *consults directory......looks*
Faculty: Does it normally take this long to transfer?
Rose: *confused* Sir there is no Ann Faulkner listed. I have an Ann F************ and a J**** Faulconer.
Faculty: No, Ann Faulkner.
Rose: Nope
Faculty: Faulkner, F-a-u-l-k-n-e-r?
Rose: No sir just an Ann F*********** and a J**** Faulconer
Faculty: Fine Just give me Ann F***********
Rose: *Gives Number*
Faculty: This isn't an (School name) number
Rose: Its the number they have listed sir
Faculty: Well its not a school number
Rose: It's the only number listed for her in the School directory
Faculty: Fine

Rose: Office of Clinical Experiences, how can i help you?
Female Student: Oh, sorry i called the wrong number
Rose:.... okay
Student: I meant to call the office upstairs
Student: Can you transfer me to them?
Rose: Which office upstairs
Student: The one with all the people
Rose: That doesn't narrow it down for me
Student: You know the office on the second floor with all the people in it.
Rose: There are a lot of offices on the second floor
Student: You know the one with the people in it that do advising
Rose: Oh, the advising center?
Student: yes, with all the people in it
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