Saturday, March 13, 2010

TCM, I Love You!

I know I've posted before on my sheer love of old movies, but TCM outdid themselves last week. Ginger Roger is their star of the month. So last week they played all 10 of the Ginger Rogers/Fred Astaire movies.

I love these movies! I have seen
Top Hat and Swing Time (my personal favorite) at least 5 times a piece. I've seen Follow the Fleet once or twice, but the other 7 movies have always eluded me. They just don't get played that often. So through the miracles of Tivo I managed to catch 9 of the 10. I missed the Gay Divorcee, but i will eventually catch it. So my week has been spent vegged out on my couch wishing studio's still made cinema like this. I mean when Fred and Ginger take the stage its magical. Nobody dances like they do, and studio's don't put pairs together like them anymore. They had it all: dancing, romance, comedy.

Don't believe me? See Hard to Handle from

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