Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Awakenings

So UNC_Sis and I went to see Spring Awakening last Thursday in Durham. It's UNC_Sis's favorite musical and she bought me a ticket to go for Christmas (sneaky isn't she?). The Broadway touring cast was putting on performances for the last week, which is as close to Broadway as we can get

If you have never heard of the musical its about teenagers coming to terms with their sexuality in 1890's Germany. It's a pretty rated R musical. There is sex, masturbation, suicide, pregnancy, abortion, child abuse and other not so friendly things. But its a really good story and the music is fantastic (See the Tony Performance). It won 8 tony awards and the original cast included Lea Michele (or Rachel Berry from Glee).

Anyways, we knew what the musical was about but it was quite obvious that the two ladies sitting behind us had no idea. They apparently were season ticket holders and didn't know what they were in for. The little shocks and gasps, and comments made during intermission were hilarious. I mean there's a song called "My Junk" which is about masturbation and i don't think they were prepared for that. Even better was the parents with the 12 year old girl. But it was fantastic and I just want to listen to "Totally Fucked" like 20 more times.
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