Monday, March 15, 2010


So over spring break, i went out to Charlotte for Ancient-Civ-Chick's bachelorette party. I assure you despite our crappy hotel (never, ever stay at the Residence Inn, Marriott in Downtown Charlotte- worst service ever) we managed to have a good time. One of ACC's friends works for a bar downtown and got us into basically any bar we wanted free. So between a fantastic dinner, 3 seperate clubs, one barfight, meeting a former Carolina Panther, watching ACC do a body shot, watching another friend get a lapdance (by not a cute old guy) and then a hilarious taxi ride back to our hotel- the crappy hotel service was overshadowed (heck we even got the cops called on us).

But i had bought ACC some bachelorette party buttons. You know the ones that say "bride, tease, virgin" etc. Before i even gave them to her i knew which one she was giving me- "slut." It's sort of her favorite term for me. The running gag is that i couldn't be less slutty. I'm just not that kind of girl. I don't sleep around, I don't steal other girls boyfriends, I can't even properly flirt (and have had guys tell me so). The worst thing i've ever done was randomly make out with a guy on Halloween.

I take it in stride, cause it is rather funny. But when i was hanging out with ACC last friday, she asked me if i had called earlier in the day and i said no. And then she showed me her phone, apparently i'm listed as "Skanzilla." I'm not sure it can get any worse...
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