Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Confession: I Wanna Be Sedated

So time to make another confession to my lovely readers. I have an awful fear of flying.

I'm don't mean I just don't like doing it. I mean it brings me physical pain to be on an airplane. My face turns all pale and white and I look like i'm not breathing (cause i'm not). I clutch the armrests until my fingers are permenantly indented in them. I have had more than one passanger ask me if i'm going to throw-up/pass out/have a stroke during a flight.

It's not like I don't fly either; I've been on half a dozen airplanes in my life. I'm not worried about it crashing. I'm not panicky over terrorists. I just really don't like flying- take off and landings are the worst. The sad part is I really love to travel. I love going to new countries and expericing new things. It's pretty much my life's dream to tour Europe.

Anyways, I bring this up because G-fab is currently planning his wedding and his biggest concern is where to have it and if he can sedate me to get me on a plane to come. Flying is one of the main reasons I don't visit him in San Fran (being broke is the other reason). The simple fact is I wouldn't miss G-fab's wedding for anything. So drug me up, pump me with alcohol, give me horse tranqulizers- I will be at the wedding. Maybe if i'm lucky i'll get drunk enough before the flight that some hot man can convince me to join the mile high club!
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