Friday, March 19, 2010


So it is "Dancing's" two year anniversary. Two years ago today I started this blog, well actually i moved it from my Myspace. And lets be thankful for that because who uses Myspace anymore? You know besides tweeners trying to look cool and the pedophiles looking to score off them (
Just teasing Myspace!).

Anyways, lots of things have changed in the past two years: I quit my job as a Bank Teller to go to graduate school
, and not a moment too soon either I may have killed someone working at that bank. I adopted the two furry lovesof my life. I turned 25 (god i'm old!!). I've worked at 3 different jobs since bank telling. I dropped 20 pounds. My Yankees won the World series. I've kissed a few new boys and managed to not break my heart in the process. All in all its been a busy 2 years.

And because no blogoversary is complete without a list of some of my favorite posts here are some of mine:

So here's to my blog lasting 2 more years!


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