Sunday, March 28, 2010

Anything You Want?

I confirmed recently something I think I've always known about me: At 2 am when I've been asleep I will promise a person anything to get them to leave me alone.

Let me set the scene for you. A couple nights ago a friend of mine was out drinking. Actually a bunch of friends of mine (separately) were out drinking and I was not with any them because:
  1. I'm in the wrong city/state
  2. I have boobs
  3. I was knee-deep in thesis rewrites
  4. I suck at life
 Anyways I went to bed around midnight and i took my cell phone with me. Now i always take my cellphone with me to bed in the offhand chance something happens and I need it. Around 1 am, said friend called to talk about something that had happened earlier in the day and he was drunk and hung up on me. So i rolled over and went back to bed...

... for 30 minutes when a stream of text began coming in. Now I have no self-control and must answer my phone because I'm a dumbass. I think in the 30 minutes these texts went on I promised said friend
  • I'd call him tomorrow
  • I'd have a naughty dream about him
  • I'd bake him cookies
  • That he could come over and get in bed with me and we'd have storytime
to get him off the phone so I could sleep. Around 2, I started getting belligerent. Hell my dogs were getting pissed off they kept getting woken up (and nobody wants to see an angry Kennedy). So finally he told me I sucked which i so graciously replied with
"I'm pretending to be asleep now. Also, I'm not sucking you so what does it matter!"
Not my most illustrious text message of all time. I stopped answering his texts afterward. This confirms what I learned 3 years ago when a guy that I worked with called me drunk at 2 am and I promised him sex the next day if he'd let me go to bed (what i had to be up at 7 for work!). For the record, I never slept with that guy. So if you want anything from me the best way to get it is to call me at 2 am, because i apparently can't say no then.


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