Monday, March 1, 2010

Adventures in Babysitting

So Baby Sis was born over the weekend (Friday morning to be exact) and pictures and gushing to come. But first, Lil' Miss Sis couldn't come to the hospital; she was sick and the hospital in question wasn't allowing visitors under age 18 anyways (swine flu reasons). So my stepdad, UNC_Sis and myself were taking shifts babysitting her.

Now before we begin, you have to understand Lil' Miss Sis is Autistic. She's a high functioning Autistic; she does everything a normal 3 year old does except talk. She babbles and tries to say words but they typically don't sound like what they should. So my family has a series of sign language (but not the official sign language) to talk to her. My mom knows her quirks, i know some of them.

So during Saturday's shift of babysitting Lil' Miss Sis, she was sitting on my lap and watching cartoons and fell asleep on me. She was asleep about 15-20 minutes and i thought i should move her to her bed since UNC_Sis was due to come home soon and i didn't want the barking dogs to wake her (my parent's dog and Nixon). So i get her to bed and she promptly wakes up and has a total meltdown on me. Lil' Miss Sis is cranky when she doesn't get enough sleep, but this was compounded by my mom and stepdad not being there. So i finally get her quieted down and back to sleep for about 10 minutes when the phone rings and i try to get out of the bed to get it. BIG MISTAKE! She wakes back up and has a worse meltdown and i trying to get her back to sleep when the phone rings again and i have to get up and get it.

Its my mom wanting to know how she's doing and I'm aggravated at her for waking up Lil Miss Sis. During this Lil' Miss Sis keeps waving at the floor of her bedroom and yelling at me and i have no idea what she wants. So finally i yell into the phone "SHE KEEPS WAVING AT THE FLOOR, WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN!"

To which my mother answers "she wants to watch the Backyardigans (Lil Miss Sis's fav tv show)."


Which was answered by hearing everyone in the hospital room laughing, because how would any of them known that?


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