Monday, February 1, 2010

Overly Protective?

So I have a tendency to be overly protective of people, especially my friends, and especially my friends that don't or won't stand up for themselves. I'm sort of like a momma bear in this sense. Recently, one of my friends (we have a love/hate relationship. We are either like Best Buddies or we hate each others guts) got screwed over by his longtime GF. I'm not going to go into the particulars because i promised i wouldn't. But let me just say that i think what she did was unforgivable and heaven help her if i ever run into her on the street cause i will beat her.

The thing is I think i am more outraged at this entire run of events than he is. I volunteered to shank about 5 people thats are caught up in this mess. Not only am i mad at her, i'm mad at about 4 mutual friends for this shit too (mostly cause they don't have my friends back- and they should).

The big problem is none of this is going to help my friend, and niether is anything i say. I am a paragon of reason. I am always the one my friends turn to for advice because i'm always going to tell them the truth. The thing about the truth is that even though people need to hear it- they aren't always ready to hear it. My friend is not ready to hear it and even if he was he is certinaly not ready to take steps to fix any of this mess. He still thinks some of this is salvagable- even though it means letting someone treat him badly, which makes me just want to smack him.

I guess its true that you can't save someone from themselves.


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