Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Open Letter: I Neep Sleep

Dear Maintenance Workers:

I realize that you have work to do. I realize it is your job to be doing it and that you don't set your hours or where you are going. But for the fucking love of god, do you have to be doing this shit at 8 in the morning? I understand that you need to fix the stairwell, or a busted pipe, or a fallen power line. But which one of you geniuses thinks its a good idea to do this at 8 am? People sleep you know. Obviously you don't because you're a subhuman freak of nature. I'm not saying not to fix this shit, but could you at least wait till 10 am to start banging away at this shit like you're trying to warn me the Chinese are invading. Holy shit, i actually felt my brain rattle around in my head this morning you were banging so hard. I don't think waiting till 10 am is unreasonable (well it might be to my pothead neighbors who go to bed at 6. but they can STFU).

I know you don't make these decisions and that it is really your psychopathic boss that decides you need to be welding a stairwell at 8 am in a building full of overstressed college students. But really did anyone mention that it might be a bad idea. Also, whatever city overseer decided to turn the water off to my building 2 weeks ago at 9 a.m. is a sadistic bastard. Really you shut the water off for 30 minutes right when I'm covered with soap. You know how hard soap is to get off without water? You couldn't do that at, i dunno, 2 in the afternoon when the average person has already taken a shower. Not at 9 am when 3/4ths of the world is getting ready for work. I'm just saying.

Now kindly cease and desist waking me up and pissing me off before 10 am. I'm angry (and stressed) enough without you making my life worse.

Thank you,
Occupants of building 1112
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