Monday, February 8, 2010

Instincts- You have them for a reason

I was recently reminded by G-fab that my instincts on people are normally very good. This isn't to say that i don't get things wrong. But that more often then not i read people very well and know how to handle them.

So why do i often go against them?

I'm a thinker. I've been a thinker my whole life. I will analyze a situation to death. I will go through all possible scenarios- however unlikely they may be. In doing this i tend to overthink everything and instead of relying on what my gut tells me i rely on the possibility that my head (the rational part of me) is right. This is one of those things i have to stop, because my gut is normally right and the logical side of me refuses to hear that.

Recently i've had the nagging feeling that there is something going on behind the scenes with a friend and myself. What is actually going on I'm not really sure. But i get the feeling there is something not on the level about all of it- and i've been quashing this instinct because i want to trust people. The more i think about it- the more i think my instinct is right. Something about the whole situation feels like manipulation- but what i'm being manipulate for is anyones guess.


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