Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Can We Keep It On One Thing For a Second?

So for anyone who happens to be living under a rock (and I'm sure its nice under there) the Winter Olympics are going on. Now i am not a huge fan of the winter games, I tend to like the summer Olympics better (and who doesn't). That being said there are a few events i like to watch: women's figure skating, hockey, bobsled even some curling (come on its shuffleboard on ice with brooms!).

With that being said, NBC couldn't possible be doing a worse job of fucking up the TV schedule with the Olympics. Last night i turn it on at 8 as i am working on my thesis because that's when the Women's figure skating is "supposed" to start. At 8 I see one girl, an hour later (and three different sports) I see another girl. Not till 10 did they finally switch to figure skating for 2 hours. In that 2 hours they wasted of me waiting I could have been watching American Idol (sneaky nbc, i know your game). Not only that in the 2 hours i spent waiting for figure skating i watched part of skiing, part of bobsled, part of Moguls (i think). But they didn't show enough of any of them for me to get interested.

I realize that with the Olympics going on in Canada and everybody wanting everything live, this is how they have to do it. But really i don't want to watch 3 bobsleds and then watch 2 skiers and then 2 figure skaters and have no idea if any of them won anything. Why not just tape the early people and then show them right before the later people go, then i can watch 3 full hours of bobsled and see who won. Or watch 3 full hours of figure skating but be able to put them in comparison to each other (because i won't have to remember a girls routine from 3 hours prior). Yes that means time delays and it won't be live. But then i won't waste 4 hours of time trying to catch 20 minutes worth of shit, which just makes me want to tune out entirely.
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