Thursday, February 18, 2010

Baby Love

So babies are sort of a thing in my family. Women in my family tend to have a few of them. That being said my mother is due to have her 4th child next Friday.
Yes, you read that right my mother.

Yes, I am 25 years old, in the middle of graduate school and completely capable of having my own children.
Is your mind blown yet?

My mom just started young and i was her first born. Yes, UNC_Sis is turning 21 this year, but Lil' Miss Sis is turning 3, so its not that big of a thing for us. People always ask if its weird having siblings sooo much younger than me, or if its weird that my mom is pregnant when I'm so old (30 here i come). The answer is yes it is a little strange for me, but my mom really loves being a mom. So i would never deny her the right to have another kid (not that she'd listen anyways). Plus she's not like ancient- she's not even 45 yet. If it makes her happy- who am i to stand in the way of that. The kicker, Baby #4 is yet another girl.

Plus having little baby sisters is kinda awesome. They get so excited when you come home and you get to buy all sorts of clothes and toys for them. And little girls clothes are awesome. They are all frilly and girly and delicate. So yeah I kinda love being a big sister.
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