Monday, January 18, 2010

Not Your Dress!

So I love Say Yes to the Dress; I mean women wedding dress shopping is awesome. It's like playing with barbies. It is very much my guilty pleasure tv show (among others).

As much as i love the show, I get so angry at the people the bride takes with her. I mean i love my sister, mom and friends but they don't have overbearing personalities or their own agenda's. I get so aggravated with the friends or sisters or mothers who want the bride to wear what they want her to wear; rather than what the bride wants to wear. No offense to all the friends/sisters/mothers out there but its not your wedding and its not your dress. You are not wearing it. Don't shove your style onto her; Don't get mad she doesn't want to wear her great-great-grandmothers wedding dress; and don't hate every dress she tries on because your mad or jealous. Its not your wedding.

That being said Ancient-Civ-Chick and I recently went wedding dress shopping with a friend. And both of us tried really hard to not bring our own opinions into the dresses. I mean i love color and have every intention of getting married in a red dress. Ancient-Civ-Chick is really modern with a Grecian twist (her wedding dress is fabulous). So our friend tried on like 7 or 8 dresses and she's so tiny they all looked great on her. But ACC and I knew that she really loved the second dress she tried on which was this gorgeous lace one with an open back (which she loves) and this really modern sparkly belt. Even though it was out of her budget, we knew she really loved it. It was just a point of trying to get her to realize that the second dress was HER dress. She did eventually come to that conclusion as well and got the second dress.
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