Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Mother's Daughter

So every once and awhile i have these moments when i realize i am totally my mother's daughter. I don't mean that as a bad thing. If i have to be like one of my parents- i'm totally choosing my mother; she's not perfect but she is kinda awesome.

But i digress, so i have been in the process of decorating my living room. I started decorating when i moved in and a year and a half later i wasn't finished. But i finally got the walls situated to my liking and i thought i was done (or at least as much as i can do in a rented apartment). But i was looking at my coffee table and i wasn't happy. The coffee table was a hand-me-down (most of my furniture is), it was my grandparents, and then my parents and now mine. So its gone through a lot of wear and tear and my mom's tea's cup stains.

So any normal 25 year old girl would just go buy a new coffee table. You can get a cheap one for like 50 bucks at Walmart. But me being me decided i'm going to refinish it, it can't be that hard right? So i call my grandpa (who knows how to do everything) and he tells me what to do and what to get and i head out to Lowes (hardware store). For anyone who ever told me that hardware stores were a great place to pick up men- you lied. I didn't see a guy in there i would sleep with drunk (except maybe one store employee who looked too young).

And thats when it hit me- this is exactly what my mother would do. Growing up she was always painting rooms, or recaulking tile, or wiring something. One year she knocked out part of the wall that separated the kitchen and the living room and put in a bar for us to eat at. Refinishing a coffee table- right up here alley. I really am my mothers daughter, and so far the coffee table looks great. Pictures to come.


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