Monday, January 25, 2010

mom, Mom, MOM!

Pushy Puppies Act I

Setting: My apartment

Time: 5:30

*Begin Scene*

Rose is sitting at her kitchen table (
which is in the living room. Hey i wanted to be able to see the TV while i eat) checking facebook. She scrolls down the page.

nudge at her leg

Ignoring it, She switches to her Twitter account


Reads various tweets of people she follows

nudge nudge

Rose signs off Twitter. Switches over to, reads current popwatch blog


Switches over to Blogger


Looks at blogs of note page looking for one she was reading earlier

NudgeNudgeNudge Nudge

Finds blog continues reading it

NudgeNudgeNudgeNudge NudgeNudge

Finishes blog, switches over to blogger dashboard to look at other posts from the day


"What Nixon!"

Hi, mom
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