Saturday, December 5, 2009

Open Letter: Please stop calling

Dear whatever jerk has called me 7 times in 5 days,

Please stop calling me. Obviously whatever stupid shit you are calling me about is not important since you can't be bothered to leave a voicemail. I don't know your number- so i am not going to answer no matter how many times you call me. At first i though you were just another wrong number, since pretty much anyone calling me from the 732 area code is a wrong number. Nevermind that my phone is a 732 area code, i haven't lived in that area code in 3 years. I'm just too lazy to change my number. I keep wondering if you're a member of my family that i never talk too and maybe its something important. But then i realize if it was important you would LEAVE A MESSAGE! So please do me a favor and stop calling, because i can only waste my time wondering about who is calling me on people that are important- and you are not.

Thank you,
Coyote Rose
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