Friday, December 18, 2009

Confession: I Love Bad TV

So I admit it: I love bad television. I'm not talking minorly bad (like General Hospital and Tough Love) or even pretty bad (I Love New York, Flavor of Love). I'm talking really really bad. If i'm home during the day I am all about watching Jerry Springer and Maury.

Now Jerry Springer is just ridiculous. I mean yesterday their show was titled: "
He's possessed by gay demon." I know several gay people who would be up in arms over that title. But even worse- a gay demon, really? What kind of shit is this? I happen to know for a fact that half the shit on Jerry is made up. Back home, my family knew this woman who went on Jerry Springer. She said that they get you there for something true (like cheating on your boyfriend) but that they pay you extra to embellish he story and get into fights. So its like basically watching bad scripted shows.

Maury is my favorite. Its like DNA/pregnancy tests everyday. My favorite people are the women who have been on the show with like 6 different men claiming each is the father to her baby. I love how each time they are certain its this man, even though they were sure the 1-5 before said guy was the one. Which brings me to the question how do you not know the father to your baby. I mean if you do the math you can pinpoint conception to around a month's time. How do you sleep with 6 different men in a months time? I have never slept with more than one man a month. Granted i haven't slept with 6 different men in the 9 years i've been sexually active. I mean you couldn't find one guy and just sleep with him? Was the sex that bad with the first 5 that you had to find another. If i find one guy to sleep with, whose worth a damn, I just keep him on retainer until i can't anymore. I mean if i got knocked up i'm pretty sure i would know who it was. On the offhand chance i slept with two guys in that period, I sure as hell wouldn't bring either of them on Maury.
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