Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Survivor

So when it comes to holiday traditions, some families do normal things like singing carols and stringing popcorn. Some may watch a Christmas Story or a Christmas Carol or even It's A Wonderful Life (which really isn't that christmasy until the end).

At my house things are a little different. After all the presents are open, my mother brings out one more and we play Christmas Survivor. See the wrapped present with the funny drawn skull (that was last years christmas survivor present). Its normally something stupid but its hilarious to play.

Christmas survivor consists of four challenges. The challenges change every year. Last year UNC-Sis and I had to come up with ten words out of the letters in Christmas. Then we had to come up with both an edible and non-edible item, that we had in our house, beginning with each letter in Christmas (Like A= Apple and Alarm Clock). Then we had to stand about 5 feet away from a spaghetti pot and throw two plastic toy balls into it. Then my mom would give us two word clues and we had to find a sheet of paper that said Christmas Survivor winner that was hidden in our house.

It took me forever to throw the two balls into the pot. UNC-Sis had at least 5 minutes looking for the sheet of paper before i got finished with the balls. But i managed to find the paper first and win. I know it seems strange for us to play a game for a silly present. But we happen to love the Survivor TV show at our house, and we are ultra-competitive sisters- so it kinda works for us. But if you can imagine two twenty-somethings running around in our pajamas at 8 am on Christmas morning (and neither of us are morning people) with the dog barking at us and Lil-Miss-Sis giggling and getting in our way, its actually kind of a funny thing to watch. As far as strange holiday traditions go- at least its a fun one.
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