Tuesday, December 15, 2009

All A Number

Women, especially American Women, judge themselves by numbers. Your pants size, bra size, shirt size, the number of people you've slept with and your weight. We all judge ourselves by numbers.

Years ago, I rejected the idea that i should judge myself by what size pants/dress/shirt i was. The clothing industry is always changing the sizes, so why should i care right?

I still don't. But i'm happy to announce that in this year alone i have dropped 15 pounds and 2 pants sizes. I am now a tiny size 8, as opposed to the size 12 i was last year (i'm rounding size 6 now, just another couple pounds i think). I never thought i was fat, at least not morbidly obese like some of the girls on Jerry Spinger. But being a size 8 feels better, not only because i'm not carrying around that extra 15 pounds, but because it makes me feel a lot more confident in the way i look. And dammit, i was cute before and now i'm like adorable. I'll never be a sex-pot, my cheeks are way to chubby to be sexy.

For people looking for weight-loss advice- i don't have any to give. I didn't actively hit the gym everyday. I live on a diet of pasta, potatoes, vegetables, rice and ice cream. I do, however, walk a mile to my classes everyday. And i have 2 dogs that i have to take out for walks about 4 times a day. So i assume most of my weight loss is from the sheer volume of walking i have to do.

But these are numbers i can live with.
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