Thursday, November 5, 2009

Yankees Win!!

New York Yankees Win the World Series!!!

Okay, now that i got that out of my system. Anyone whose read this blog for awhile knows I am a die-hard Yankees fan. My family is from New Jersey. It's just in our bones. And i know there are a lot of people who gripe about the Yankees buying their championships and having the highest payroll and etc, etc.

But Baseball would not be the same without the Yankees. Gripe about us all you want, some of your claims are totally justified. Sure we pay our players a lot of money. But don't act like if someone offered to double your salary to work for them- you wouldn't jump ship too. Plus that takes away from people like Jeter, Posada, Pettitte and Rivera, who came up through the farm system and rightfully deserve that money. I called Derek Jeter the new Joe Dimaggio just yesterday. He grew up wanting to play for the Yankees. He went through their farm system and now he has 5 World Series rings to show for it. I mean if anything, the last 9 years prove that you can't buy a World Series. You have to heart and soul and you have to work for it.

But i digress, Baseball would not be the same without the Yankees for the simple fact it gives everyone else someone to root against. I mean what would sports be without their villains? I mean in Football you are either a Dallas fan or you hate them. There is no gray area there. Same with Hockey. I mean who would everyone root against if suddenly the Detroit Red Wings no longer existed? Love them or Hate them, the Yankees make you pay attention to them. Can anyone say the same for the Rockies or the Braves? And that makes for good Baseball.
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