Friday, November 13, 2009

Halloween Wrap-Up

So I realized i never gave my readers (all 3 of you) a wrap up on what i ended up doing for Halloween. So when I last left off on this story i had an adorable costume and no where to go. We'll i called up a bunch of friends and they all either had plans or we're sick or whatever. So me being me, decided to go downtown alone. I'm not one to waste an adorably cute costume cause my friends all suck. Now let me assure you, I live in a college town- which makes sense since i go to college. This town has a huge Halloween party downtown every year. Thousands of people show up and its a zoo, which means it's littered with cops. I think this year there were like 160 cops in the space of a 5 block radius. There is a gate check at the entrances to make sure no one comes downtown with weapons, drugs, etc. So I felt pretty safe going downtown alone.

So I went and hung out at one of my favorite bars, which was packed, and watched the yankee game for awhile. I saw some really cute costumes. Anyways on one of my trips back from the bathroom (my stocking kept falling down) I run into this guy and the convo goes like this:

"Him: You're a sailor, right?
Me: Yeah, (looking at his outfit which was jeans and a t-shirt) What are you?
Him: George Clooney
Me: (laughing) Best Answer Ever!"

So i ended talking to him (S*) and his friend (J*) and found out they were from the local army base, that i happened to grow up at. By local i mean its 2 hours away, and i have no idea why they drove to my college town to party for Halloween when they could have gone to a much bigger party town closer. Anyways I was flirting with S, but he kept pushing me off on J and after alcohol, I stopped really caring anyways. I ended up dancing with (and being mauled by) J, and later making out with him. Now stop what you are thinking right there- I am not that kind of girl. I did not take him back to my apartment, and i wouldn't have anyways. I really wasn't that into J. I was just drunk and alone and needing someone to remind me that i am in fact: a Hot Chick.

Anyways around 2:30 i managed to pry myself out of J's arms to leave, but he wouldn't let me until I gave him my number. Now i don't give my number out to guys in bars for 2 reasons:
  1. They never call
  2. If they do call, its just because they want sex
But J seriously wouldn't let go of me until i gave him my number, and since i really wasn't that into him (and still a little tipsy) I gave it to him. I figured guys in bars never call, so i wouldn't have to worry about telling this guy I wasn't that interested in- that i was in fact not that interested in him. So i go home and find bed, and low and behold wouldn't you know J actually texts the next day. *hangs head in shame* I managed to find the one guy at a bar that would call the next day and i really didn't want him too (now S on the other hand, i might not have minded). I tried to run J off by telling him I am really busy with grad school (which i am), but he texted me for the next 4 days straight until he finally realized that I do not still live on the army base. Why he thought i lived there is beyond me, but it was loud and we were drinking so i figure wires got crossed. Anyways he hasn't called since then, and i'm going to assume he's moved on from me.

The moral of the story is, sometimes its a lot of fun to go out by yourself and remember that what everyone else thinks is irrelevant. I mean i had tons of fun, met two cute guys, made out with one and had a great Halloween. Plus it reminded me that i am in fact a Hot Chick, because i forget that a lot. There are guys out there that actually would want to date me. So i should stop wasting my time on the ones that don't right?

*Names have been changed to protect the guilty and stupid (myself included)

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