Sunday, September 27, 2009

Way To Be A Tool

So I bitch about annoying people alot. It is easily my most used label on this blog. But today i saw something that bypasses just annoying and goes straight to douchebag. It made me so irate that i feel the need to make an award for it. So i am now introducing the "Way to be a Tool" awards. These will be given out to people who go beyond annoying and stupid and go straight to being an arrogant fuck, annoying prick, and/or complete bastards.

So my first Tool Award is going to the asshole at walmart today. I am trying to park at Walmart today and i got held up by the people picking up the carts. So as i'm sitting there waiting for these guys to clear the lane. I watch a couple walk to their SUV load up their stuff and get into their SUV and wait for the cart people to move so that they can back up. As they are doing that, this guy comes out not a whole 30 seconds later, puts his stuff in his car and then procceeds to park his cart right behind these people's SUV. He clearly had just seen them putting their stuff into their SUV and waiting for the cart people to move. He couldn't have possibly missed it. To make matters worse he's wasn't 3 feet from the cart return or the people picking up carts. But instead of making an effort, He just puts his cart behind these people's SUV so they cannot back up. Making matters worse, the driver in the SUV could not see the newly parked cart that was just placed behind their SUV. I ended up parking quickly and moving the cart after these guys had ran into it. I just couldn't believe the gall of this man. He couldn't have possibly wasted the 30 seconds to the put the cart into the cart return. Way to be a Tool!
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