Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Morning After: A Fine Mess

TITLE: A Fine Mess
ARTIST: Kate Voegele
REVIEW: Voegele's second studio album is a beautifully composed piece of pop/rock. I first heard of Voegele on One Tree Hill (yep, i love the show) where she plays Mia Catalano. Her songs are often put into the show. Voegele sounds a little like Michelle Branch and Sara Bareilles but with a harder edge to her. She infuses guitar riffs and piano pieces into her music. It's chick rock that doesn't make you hate men and has a little piece of whimsy to it. I've had the cd less than a week and i've probably listen to it 50 times already. The songs are catchy and can illuminate feelings that are somethings hard to put into words. Its a great CD

SONGS TO DOWNLOAD: 99 Times, Sweet Silver Lining, Who You Are Without Me




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