Sunday, August 16, 2009

Why i Can't Live without Project Runway!

So after a very long year of waiting, a legal battle, and a really crappy knock off (I'm looking at you Fashion Show) Project Runway is returning Thursday Aug. 20th for its sixth season!! While the show has made the jump from Bravo to Lifetime (lets hope that doesn't blow up in their faces) and from NYC to LA, I'm still looking forward to what i think will be a fabulous season. PR has seriously been one of my favorite shows since the first season. I quickly got G-Fab addicted to the show as well and now we have our first episode betting pool (we each pick 5 contestants based on the first episode we think will make it to Fashion Week). We've both picked a winner: G-Fab picked Christian Sirano in Season 4, and I picked Leanne Marshall in Season 5. So with all the excitement going on for season 6, I thought i would do 3 post series highlighting my favorite designers and challenges.

But for the Inaugural PR post: here are my top 5 reasons i can't wait for Project Runway to be back!

5. Because nobody has one-liner like Nina Garcia, Michael Kors, and Tim Gunn. I mean who can forget when Tim told a contestant his work looked like "a pterodactyl out of a gay Jurassic Park." Or Michael Kors with " That was so Paris hooker 50's"

4. Because who can deny Heidi Klum's adorableness? She just seems like the sweetest model to ever grace the television. I mean she's not all diva like Naomi and She's not self-absorbed like Tyra.

3. Because the challenges are actually challenging. I mean i caught about 4 episodes of The Fashion show and seriously "make an outfit based on your Tarot card reading" is not "make an outfit with stuff you find in a grocery store/candy store/plant warehouse."

2.Because the designers actually have talent. The designers from PR actually go on to create lines. The designers from the Fashion show couldn't even dress themselves. I mean seriously what was casting thinking there?

1.Because i need to hear Tim Gunn say "Make it work" on a weekly basis or i don't think i will survive graduate school.
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