Thursday, August 6, 2009

When it Rains it Pours...

So when i have a crisis i have a crisis. I'm not the kind of person who freaks out over every little thing. I tend to be calm and level-headed in a crisis. It comes from years of working in stressful restaurants and having everything going wrong. I'm the kind of person who plans for everything that could go wrong.

So when something goes wrong and i can't fix it i have a mini-meltdown. So in a perfect storm of events last night i had one such meltdown. I came back from the dog park with the puppitos and i noticed my cellphone had no service. This happens every once and awhile and normally by the next morning its back to normal. So around 9:30 Kennedy (who has been sick) started going to the bathroom on my carpet. I quickly scooped her up and tossed her into my bathroom. Then i went to my spare bedroom/bathroom to get toliet paper and i stepped onto the floor and heard squish. This was so not good. My spare bathroom floor was covered in an inch of water. Apparently there was a leak in my ceiling, and a very steady stream of water was leaking into my bathroom. Now my upstairs neighbors haven't been there in months. So i run down to the apartment office and got the emergency number but i still had no cell service. So i drove 2 miles in every direction trying to get cell phone service with no avail. So i go back to my apartment. None of my neighbors are in, but i eventually got ahold of cell phone and left a message with maintence.

Then i proceeded to freak out to G-Fab and my sister because i didn't know if maintence was going to come and they had no way to call me back. Plus i noticed water was leaking into a wall as well. Maintence did eventually come and shut off the water up stairs and they have been here all day trying to fix the leak. I have a fan trying to dry out the water in the wall right now cause the last thing i need is mold growing in my wall. It just never fails that when one thing goes wrong everything goes wrong for me.
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