Sunday, August 9, 2009

Teenage Angst: My FavoriteJohn Hughes Films

So if you happened to miss the news this week: legendary 80's film writer/producer/director John Hughes died of a heart attack. For anyone who was born/grew up in the 80's, Hughes film was like the movies our lives. So I thought I'd count down my five favorite Hughes film. If you haven't seen any of these films i suggest going out to the video store and renting them.

5. The Breakfast Club- the plot is simple 5 students from different high school cliques (the jock, geek, princess, basketcase and a criminal) send a saturday detention in the school library. The movie is about overcoming High School Stereotypes but its also about defying authority. Plus its funny and interesting. Fav Scene: when they are dancing on the library rails.

4. Pretty in Pink- Again its about blurring class lines. Molly Ringwald plays Andie Walsh a poor girl who is crushing on rich boy Blaine from her school. Blaine asks her out and its about the two of them and the money issues that keep them apart. Honestly, John Cryer as Andie's Best Friend Duckie totally steals the show. Fav Scene: Duckie doing try a little tenderness

3. Weird Science- This movie is often overlooked in John Hughes lore. But its great, two social-inept geeks use a computer and a barbie doll and create Lisa; a brilliant, sexy, sassy woman. She in turn teaches them how to be men and get the girl. Lisa constantly puts them in awkward situations and they get into fights. Fav Scene: When Lisa turns Chet into a blob

2. Ferris Bueller's Day Off- this is the movie that launched Matthew Broderick's career. Ferris fools his parents and plays sick from school. He manages to get his best friend and girlfreind out with him and they take his best friend's father's car into Chicago. They go to a cubs game, crash a parade, go to wall street, etc. They do all this while the school principle and Ferris's sister are trying to catch Ferris playing sick again. Fav Scene: Ferris pretending to be Abe Froman the sausage king of Chicago to get into a fancy restuarant

1. Sixteen Candles-Molly Ringwald is back playing Samantha "Sam" Baker whose whole family forgets her 16th birthday because they are too busy planning her sister's wedding. Her grandparents feel her up and bring along their foriegn exchange student Lon Duk Dong; who they force Sam to take to her high school dance. Anthony Michael Hall plays a geek in love with Sam, while Sam is crushing on popular boy Jake Ryan. Fav Scene: The Geek showing everyone Sam's underwear.

Who is going to make films like this now that Hughes has passed on....sadness
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