Sunday, August 16, 2009

Project Runway: Top Ten Favorite Designers

So this is my second post in my week long tribute to the best design show ever Project Runway, culminating with the premiere of Season 6 on Thursday. So in five seasons there have been some really good interesting designers and some really memorable bad ones.

So here are my top ten favorite designers from the first five season:

10. Kara Saun-by all acounts, she probably should have won the first season of PR. She had style; she made great clothes and her hate/hate relationship with Wendy Pepper made good tv..

9. Santino Rice (pictured)- Love or hate him this season 2 designer made you talk. While his designs were insane sometimes, but its his imitation of Tim Gunn that made him infamous

8. Joe Faris- The only Season 5 designer to make my list. He was the token straight guy in the design room but he talent. Plus he won the only challenge you wouldn't expect a straight man to win: The Drag Queen Challenge.

7. Chris March- The costume designer turned fashion designer. He was a big guy with big personality. Season 4 would have not been the same without him.

6. Uli Herzner- The East German girl from Season 3 who made the most fabulous print dresses. She came in second but there was no denying Uli had presence.

5. Jillian Lewis- While no one could deny the feirceness of Season 4 winner Christian Siriano, Jillian was my pick to win. She made clothes that i could relate to and would probably wear. Plus she rocked out some overalls.

4. Kayne Gillaspie- Season 3 designer who should have made fashion week and came up just short. Kayne is primarily a pageant dress designer who just recently had a show called Gown Crazy on TLC.

3. Daniel Vosovic- the man who should have won season 2. He was young and inexperienced but he won more challenges than anyone else that PR history (five) including two of my favorite challenges the lingerie challenge, and the flower power challenge.

2. Jay McCarroll- the 1st ever winner of Project Runway still holds a special place in my heart. He had a different design aesthetic and made clothes that were totally in-style and wearable to the average woman.

1. Nick Verreos (pictured) -From season 2 is still my favorite designer. He had some amazing designs and put up with Santino Rice (which is amazing in itself). He didn't make it to fashion week, which was a gross oversight but his dresses were and still are fabulous.
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