Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Project Runway: Favorite Challenges

So for my Final Installment of my 3-part Project Runway special. I'm listing my top ten favorite challenges from the first 5 seasons of Project Runway.

10. Postal Uniform Challenge- from Season 1, Designers had to redesign the postal service uniform

9. Fashion Giant- Season 4: Create an outfit for former NFL player Tiki Barber to wear on the Today Show

8. Fashion that Drives you- Season 5: make an outfit from recycled materials and spare parts from a Saturn Hybrid car. Season 5 winner Leanne won with a dress made from leather seats and fringed seatbelts.

7. On Thin Ice- From season 2: Designers had to design a costume for Olympic Ice Skater Sasha Cohen

6. Eye Candy-Season 4: Create an outfit out of materials found at the Hershey's store in Times Square.

5. All Dolled Up-Season 2: design a dress for Barbie in both Human and miniature form.

4. Fit for a Queen: Season 3: design a dress for Miss USA Tara Conner to wear during evening gown at the Miss Universe Pageant. Kanye Gillaspie won (pictured)

3. Flower Power-Also from season 2: Design a dress for a garden party out of natural material found in NYC's Flower District
2. Good Queen Fun- Season 5: Create an outfit for a drag queen (Bonus points for a RuPaul sighting)

1. Innovation- The very first challenge on the very first season of Project Runway: create an outfit from materials found at a grocery store. Austin Scarlett won with a dress made out of corn husks (pictured).
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