Friday, August 7, 2009

Hit the Road Paula!

So If you have been living under a rock, Paula Abdul has left American Idol. Apparently she thought a 30% raise and an 8 figure salary wasn't enough. Granted, Ryan Seacrest did just get 45 million over the next 3 years. But seriously does anyone care that she is leaving? I sure as hell don't. I love American Idol. I've watched since the very first season. But to be honest I tivo through Paula. In the last couple years she has gotten more and more deranged and less and less lucid. I mean half the time i can't even figure out what she is talking about. Lets not forget two seasons ago when she critiqued a performance that hadn't happened yet. Or last season when she colored on Simon's face during a performance. I mean i loved Paula's music in the 80's but i don't know what kind of drugs she is on now. But they are obviously affecting her in the wrong ways, and she waste valuable time on AI.

Not that I'm a huge fan of Randy or Kara either. Kara doesn't bring anything to the show besides the words "Artistry" and "Here's the thing." Randy is all yo yo yo, dawg, you did your thing, you rocked it out, dawg but it was pitchy. But every once and awhile Randy actually says something intelligent (between yo's and dawgs). Simon is the only judge anyone ever listens to. So losing Paula doesn't actually change anything.

And what is she thinking? Does she honestly believe anyone is going to hire her for more? Her last CD tanked. Her reality TV show was a chaotic mess that made the Britney Spears/Kevin Federline show look normal. She probably could still dance but to be honest she would have to lay off the pills to actually choreograph something. So in the end she's losing out on alot of money because the Idol steamroller will continue without her... and i for one am glad.
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