Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Users and Abusers

So i have come across in my life several people who I consider to be users and abusers. These types of people tend to think the world revolves around them, have no consideration for anyone else, expect other people to do everything for them, never think anything is there fault, etc etc. The ones i've known have always been women, but i'm sure there are men that fit this bill too. The worst two offenders in my life have been a friend and one of my sisters.

The friend i used to have like this was awful, and i should note i am no longer friends with her. She was my friend in college and she could be alot of fun to be around. She was great to go out dancing with and have fun with. When i met her i was a freshman at a college where i didn't know anyone and so she quickly became my best friend. She had alot of issues with teachers and classes and other stuff. She would get tickets for speeding and complain that she was the only car on the road and that she had been going under the speed limit until he caught her. She never took responsibility for her actions. She had trouble with teachers-- they were out to get her. She would make plans with me all the time only to forget and sleep through them or be out with her boyfriend instead. And she said she would do alot of things, but she never did any of them. It really became bad when i became an RA, because then i was busy alot and everything wasn't about her. I would invite her to things with my other friends and she would blow us off or didn't want to hang out with them. It got really bad and I had a fight with her and she swore she would change but then i invited her out to a concert with me and other freinds and she pulled the same old stunts and made us really late, I was done with her.

Recently, the person doing this shit has been my stepsis. She hasn't been doing it to me but her boyfreind. She uses him to buy stuff for her and take care of her but she cheats on him. She lies to him constantly about everthing, and shes a very bad liar. She's totally ungrateful to everyone who helps her, mostly him. She makes everything his fault and his problems. She uses their kid as leverage against him. When he does what she wants she's all sweet as pie to him, but when he doesn't she tells him he's an awful father and that he's a horrible person. She bad mouths him to everyone in her family who will listen and anything she does wrong is his fault. He recently left her because of the crazy ass shit she was pulling. He dropped the baby off with her and she drove it to visit family in florida even though him and our family told her not to go, she couldn't afford it. When she got down there her family chewed her out for driving on bald tires and bad brakes. She called him up and told him that everyone was mad at him and my stepdad for letting her go.

She doesn't just do this to him either. She did this to one of our other sisters over contact lenses. She basically harassed UNC-sis to buy them for her even though she didn't have a perscription (she had a bullshit story for that too) and then when UNC-sis did it, stepsis was mad that UNC-sis ordered them online and she wouldn't have them in time for a concert we were going to, and to this day she still hasn't paid UNC-sis for them and this happened in may! I'm appauled by the level of usery she has mastered, and the sad part I really had thought she had changed since having a baby, but she just uses that baby to get people to do things for her and she pays no mind to it. The only conselation i have is that my parents didn't raise her, so it's not our fault she turned into a lying, using and abusing bitch.
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