Friday, July 24, 2009

No, Thats much too high

So I live by my debit card. I almost never carry cash, even when i was a waitress i would toss my cash in a jar and once a week i would make a deposit at my bank. Trust me the tellers used to love to see me coming with my 300 dollars in ones. But that is beside the point.

So everytime i swipe my debit card, I get the regular plethera of questions: Pin number, do i want cash back, do i want it all on this card. Those questions i get. But then i get "Is this price okay?" and i always wonder if i say no whats going to happen. Do i get to haggle over the price? Can i tell the cashier its too high and i need it to be 3 dollars less? I get the point of the question; its to make sure that the person paying knows how much they are about to confirm having taken out of their bank account, but it such a strange question to get.
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