Friday, July 17, 2009

Because One is Never Enough

So you may remember that i got a dog not so long ago. Now I love Nixon, my Border Terrier. He's a handful and a half but he's my sweet little guy and i love him, but all he ever wants to do is play; 24/7 play and i can't do that I have papers and research and all that other general graduate school crap. And even though i take him to the dog park 3-6 times a week i felt like i was somehow letting him down by not being able to play with him all the time. So i started entertaining the notion of getting a second dog, because i am crazy and because i thought that would give Nixon someone to play with. Now i hadn't actually started looking for a second dog but i was in the thinking about it stage.

Then i went on vacation for 2 weeks in Florida. Nixon stayed at the kennel and it killed me cause i missed my little guy. Anyways while i was down there, as luck would have it, I found a puppy. As adorable as she was i couldn't let her go, so i scooped her up and brought her back with me. So let me introduce you to Kennedy. I'm not entirely sure what she is. The best guess the vet had was a Jack Russel/Chihuahua mix. I was worried when i brought her home that Nixon would be too much of a bully for her. Let me tell you that is not an issue. She takes no crap from Nixon. She even steals stuff right out of his mouth (which he does right back).

While i feel a little guilt having two dogs in my two bedroom apartment, they don't seem to mind. In fact they spend all day chasing each other or wrestling. In fact the only way i can get them to sleep is to put them in their separate kennels. But it seems it was the perfect fit for my problem, they spend so much time playing with each other they forget I'm even here sometimes.

and yes, I named my dogs after presidents. I'm a historian did you expect less?

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