Saturday, June 20, 2009

Out With The Old

So i have a tendency to grow attached to objects. I still have my baby blanket; its in a box in my closet. But recently i realized it was time to get a new phone. I've had my little pink Motorola razr for at least 2, probably 3 years. I love this phone. I've had it since i lived in jersey and its a very quintessential me phone. But its grown old and i've had some really weird problems with it recently. It shuts off for no reason. One time i couldn't get it to turn back on, and i had to take out the battery and sim card and put them back in before i could get it to turn on again.

So i decided to get a new phone, even though i love my razr. I shopped around and decided to get the new LG Xenon. I went to the AT&T store and they were going to charge me 200 dollars for it, even though i had to renew my contract. But the super nice customer service guy told me to go across the street to Best Buy because they would beat any price i could find. He was totally right, I got the new phone for 50 bucks. So when the were changing over my numbers and stuff, the lady at Best Buy takes one look at my sim card (which still read cingular) and decided i was getting a new sim card cause mine was ancient. I don't change phones often. My sisters get new phones ever 12-18 months; I get a new phone like every 3 years.

So far I totally love this phone. The touch-screen interface is a little hard to get used to. It doesn't always get the right thing, but it works pretty well. Plus i love the keyboard for messaging although its takes me just as long to use it as my razr did, but i figure i'll get better with practice. Plus this has a music player and a bunch of other nifty gadgets. I'm just waiting on my usb cable to get in from amazon to upload my music to it (even though i'll only use them for ringtones). Plus this morning i downloaded scrabble onto it so i'll have something to do on those ridiculously long car rides i get stuck in with my parents. Plus scrabble has a two player version so i can play with UNC-Sis.

Needless to say on the second day of having it I am in love with my phone.
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