Sunday, June 14, 2009

Confession: I Love Old Movies

So I love old movies. Turner Classic Movies is one of the my favorite channels. I am always perusing my Tivo line-up to find when something is playing. Anything with Ginger Rodgers, Fred Astaire, or Judy Garland, I've probably seen. There is just something about old movies that have a certain type of charm that newer movies just don't. You know besides the fact that there are no song and dance numbers in them.

So this week they were showing musicals and i managed to record Kiss Me Kate, and Bye Bye Birdie. The problem with these movies is that the 1950's-70's language is so far removed from how we speak today its almost funny. I mean you hear the word "pinned" and i'm pretty sure you're first thought isn't "going steady." Do people even go steady anymore? is that term even still used?

Anyways, heres one of my favorite songs from Bye Bye Birdie. Note: the language and the old clothes and the radio switch board.

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