Sunday, June 28, 2009

Adam Baldwin is in Everything!

So if i have never mentioned this before i am a huge fan of the tv show Chuck, and i get everyone i possibly can hooked on it too (so check out the link!). Anyways, one of the main character is NSA major general John Casey played by the adorable and hilarious Adam Baldwin. Now I hadn't heard of him before the show, but i'm a huge fan now. But now that i am a huge fan i see him in everything.

I was watching the first season of Bones, another show i am a huge fan of, and there he was. Then I was flipping channels today and i landed on Independence Day. And even though i have seen that movie like 25 times, I left it on and there Adam Baldwin was again. And then i saw him in the Patriot, and then on a rerun of Angel. Adam Baldwin is the new Kathy Bates= He's in Everything!

What i find even funnier is that he always plays the same time of character. There is an episode of Chuck, where this guy calls him "Cop Face" the whole episode and its totally true: on Chuck he's an NSA agent; in Independence Day he's Major General of the Air Force; on Bones he's an FBI Agent; in The Patriot he's a military Captain. Although on Angel, he was some sort of villain. He was also apparently a mercenary on the show Firefly, which i never saw but heard was very good.

So anyone got an Adam Baldwin sighting?


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