Friday, May 29, 2009

Worst Proposal Ever!

So I was on instant messenger the other night and one of my friends that I haven't talked to forever was on. So I was like whats up, tell me about your life, etc etc. I haven't talked to this guy in at least 3 years. This is actual transcripts from the convo. Names have been changed to protect the guilty.
J: (12:03:28 AM): well considering I wanna marry my girlfriend.... another distraction
Rose: (12:03:55 AM): yeah but thats a good distraction
Rose: (12:04:04 AM): does she know yet?
J:(12:04:08 AM): no
Rose: (12:04:17 AM): well i won't tell her
J: (12:04:21 AM): well, she just read that
J: (12:04:27 AM): lol
J: (12:04:28 AM): brb
Rose: (12:04:33 AM): LOL
J: (12:07:04 AM): kay I had to do some explaining lol
Rose:(12:07:11 AM): yeah i bet
Rose: (12:07:15 AM): worst proposal ever
J: (12:07:19 AM): ROFL, nah
J: (12:07:29 AM): infact it was perfect
J: (12:07:30 AM): and she said yes
Yes, you read that right. My friend spoiled his proposal by telling me about it on IM with his girlfriend looking over his shoulder. He then had to get off IM and actually ask his girlfriend, which i find hilarious. He had actually been planning his proposal for awhile; he had planned to do it on their trip to Sweden but he manage to botch that. She said yes, and then promptly starting calling family at midnight. Only stuff like this can happen in my life.


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