Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wake Up Call: SYTYCD Auditioners

So I'm a self-proclaimed Reality TV Junkie. I love the stuff: American Idol, Survivor, The Amazing Race, Top Chef, Project Runway, Hell's Kitchen, Charm School, Tough Love, etc. My Summer Favorite is So You Think You Can Dance. If you have never watched the show. I suggest tuning in. Its much much better than those other dance; and if you want to see real dancing talent, its the show to go to.

That being said, could we find a few less delusional auditioners for the show? Like American Idol, the audition episodes are full of idiots who think they have talent. But what people don't understand is that unlike singing, even if you have a natural talent for dancing, if you've never trained anywhere ever, you're not going to make it on the show. Some might remember that last years winner Joshua Allen (love him!) had no formal training. But he did take ballet and modern classes as well as doing musicals. So he did have some training, but not formal dance training like the vast majority of the others.

What i love about this delusional dancers is that they think club dancing or techno dancing makes them dancers. Let me tell you anyone can shake their asses on the dance floor; its not complicated. You do double pirouette into a arabesque and then we will talk. What i love is the idiots who make up their "own" styles of dancing. If you are making up your own style, I hate to break this to you, you can't dance. I'm not some dancing expert, even though i did take dance classes for years. I wouldn't make it to Vegas, and i know that. But i'm also not wasting the judges time with bad dancing either. Seriously, auditioners watch yourself in a mirror before your audition and if you think you look like an idiot, you probably shouldn't audition.
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