Sunday, May 3, 2009

This is Why I Love My Friends

So I gripe about my friends alot. Mostly cause they do shit like putting me on But i love them for it too, because at least they care enough to torture me. So Friday night, Ancient Civ Chick drags me out of my apartment to go to a thing at her Greek Professors house. Now i'm not really all that geared up to go since I have the first chapter to my Thesis due on monday, but i owe ACC for babysitting my problem dog and helping me out with a car issue, so i go. Plus i needed the break from working anyways. Her and another friend pick me up and then we have to run back to her house cause she forgot something, which she does all the time.

So we go into the apartment and its actually a surprise B-Day party for me and the other friend (Our B-Days are both on Cinco de Mayo). Let me tell you, it came as the shock of my life basically because i didn't see it coming and because I was so burnt out by work (the cat in the picture doesn't illustrate how far i jumped in the air). But it was awesome, ACC kept handing me alcohol which wasn't so great considering i hadn't eaten much that day and around 10:30ish the group disbanded and ACC, the other B-Day girl, myself and three male friends from the History department head downtown. It's our B-Day party, we couldn't tell them no. So we head downtown, and i didn't buy a drink all night and still ended up plastered. I don't even remember what i drank at this point. I just remember getting alcohol put in my hands. I did eventually start refusing drinks but only after the room started spinning and I was entertaining notions of making out with one of the guys. I'm not about to be that chick that goes to a bar, gets plastered and make out with random guys. I think at one point some guy was trying to hit on me, but i was so far gone I'm not really sure.

But this is why i love my friends because no matter what kind of hell they put me through on a daily basis, and how many times they try to humiliate me in public. In the end they are always going out of their way for me. Plus i'm totally impressed they all lied to me. Even G-Fab and he nevers lies to me. He got a scathing text message latter for not telling me, cause he's supposed to tell me everything. But still they managed to keep it a secret from me, which isn't easy to do. So props to my freinds for being awesome.
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