Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Life (Painted) By Numbers

So I'm officially old today. It's all downhill from me after this birthday. Each year one step closer to being 30...40...80. But before i wallow in my own self-pity about being in my late 20's, I thought i would look back over the first 25 years of my life and see what i accomplished. So my life by the numbers:

25- years old
6- siblings (4 sisters and 2 brothers)
5- people I've considered my Best friend (at one point in time or another)
7- different cities
8- different jobs
2- people I've had sex with
11- concerts
3- times I've been in the emergency room
2- tattoos
18-years I've been in school
15-times I have had a nervous breakdown in the last year
30-times I wash my hands a day (rough estimate)
1- times I've been in love
2-degrees (High School and Bachelors)
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