Sunday, May 17, 2009

Do You Need Bloodhounds?

Dear US Postal Service:

Now listen, I am normally a fan of you. I don't gripe when you increase stamp prices every two months (What the fuck why don't they just make stamps 50 cents already and leave it that way? Trying to find 42, 47, 49 cents when i need a stamp is just too much work.) I don't care when you return my mail because i don't have the right postage even though what i'm sending weighs as much as a piece of paper (typically because it is a piece of paper). I'm even thankful when you realize i wrote the address wrong and send it back rather than it getting lost in the mail shuffle (A lesson my dryer could learn. I'd like to know where those socks are!!)

But seriously you have the worst package tracking system ever. I bought a slew of books from Amazon a little over a week ago (two German grammar/verb drill books, a German self-teaching guide, a French self-teaching guide and a fiction novel- I couldn't help myself I need something fluffy). Amazon finally sent them like 4 days later via USPS with tracking information. As of today, 4 days later, USPS still says there is no record of my packages (they sent one book separately). Why the hell do i have tracking information if there are no records of my packages? I went on Amazon to see what they had and they have both packages shipping from Kentucky.

Normally i wouldn't care where my packages are (thats a lie, anyone who knows me knows i'm th biggest f'ing micromanger and i would want to know where they are every second of every day until i got them). But i'm going out of town on Monday night to visit my parents, and i'm not crazy about packages sitting outside my door for 3 days. Let me just tip off the hoodlums in my apartment complex that i'm not home. So that they can finally steal my new TV-since its the only expensive thing in my apartment (the laptop goes home with me). Seriously USPS, do you need bloodhounds to track the packages for you? UPS and Fed-X don't seem to have a problem updating me daily on where my packages are. Don't these things have to run these things over a scanner anyways? would it be so hard to have that update your mainframe so that i would know if i needed to postpone my trip for a day so that i can not have my apartment broken into (deep down i just really want my new fluffy fiction novel).

Thank you,
Coyote Rose
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