Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Coming Out of the Wood Work

So in the last month or so I've been facebooked by several former people i went to High School with. I find this to be a little strange. I spent 3 years of high school trying to get out of the school. My family moved after my freshman year to this podunk town in the middle of nowhere and I changed schools. I went from living on a military base where people come and go every couple of months to a town where everybody had lived there their whole lives. I was a fish out of water to say the least. I was the new kid in a town where everyone went to daycare/elementary/middle school together. In short, I would have made more friends if i had two heads.

That isn't to say i didn't make friends and i didn't get along with people. I had a few friends, less of whom i actually trusted. And i made acquaintances with most of the honors students because i had classes with them. But when i went to college, i pretty much stopped speaking to all but a few of those friends. You might think that's really shallow, but trust me, I did it for the best. Most of those friends didn't go to college, and ended up getting knocked up/married/doing drugs or alcohol. And that's fine for them, but that wasn't the life i wanted and i didn't want to be drug down with them.

But now, 7 years after i graduated high school (gosh, has it really been that long?) I find it weird that these people are Facebooking me. I accept the ones i remember, rejects the one i don't (sometimes i have to look them up in my yearbook to remember) but i just don't get it. I obviously wasn't that close of friends with them because i didn't stay in touch. And i have less in common with them now, then i did when i went to high school with them. I just find it a little odd, maybe i'm the only one.
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