Thursday, April 9, 2009

Where's My Shit?

So Easter is one of my favorite holidays. Now granted, there aren't too many holidays that I don't love (if there are any at all), but Easter ranks above Halloween and Valentines days for me. I just love the fun of Easter. I love the bright spring colors. I love the idea of the Easter Bunny. Now why he brings eggs is beyond my rationalization, but whatever. I even love the religious connotations of it.

But i realized many years ago that everyone celebrates Easter differently. Some people get baskets, some get gifts, some hide eggs, etc. But people always think that my families way of celebrating Easter is interesting because apparently most people don't do it this way. So i'd thought i'd share.

At my house, instead of hiding Easter eggs my mom hides our entire Easter Basket. Typically the basket will have one or two eggs we colored in it and then a basket full of candy. So my sister (UNC-Sis) and I would wake up on Easter Sunday and basically destroy the house searching for our Easter Baskets. I only realized this was different when my mom remarried and my step-brother and sister would talk about their baskets sitting out on the kitchen table. To which i always wondered: What is the fun in that? I mean half the fun of Easter for us was trying to figure out where my mom hide our baskets and sometimes how she did it.

My family is ingenious at hiding things too. One year my mom hid my basket under 3 robes in the bathroom. Baskets were found inside the clothes dryer, in the oven, in the hamper, in the closet behind board games. Another year she hooked UNC-Sis's basket to a coat hanger and hung it from the ceiling fan. And each year it got a little harder to find too. Countless years i would find my UNC-Sis' but not mine, and no I didn't tell my sister where it was. Mom had clues too, always vague ones, if it was taking us forever to find our baskets. But it was always fun to do, its like a game of hide and seek with candy. My mom got this from my grandparents of course, because we all follow tradition. She loves to tell us about the time my grandfather hung her Easter basket inside the laundry shoot and she had to figure out how to climb up the laundry shoot to get it.

Anyways, that's how Easter was celebrated in my house as a kid. Obviously, UNC-Sis and I are too old for Easter Baskets anymore, and my baby sister (Lil Miss Sis) is too young to understand the game yet. But i'm excited for the day mom gets to hide baskets again. So anyone have a good Easter story to tell? Anybody celebrate Easter the same way and have a great place they found their baskets?
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