Saturday, April 25, 2009

People I Never Want to See At Concerts Again

So last night, UNC-Sis, Mommy Sis and I went to see Fallout Boy with 50 Cent (weird i know right?) in concert. Full concert report will be coming later, but it was awesome. But while we were there, we were annoyed by a couple dozen fuckers that should never be at concerts. They should especially never be at an Emo Rock concert that isn't going to get out until midnight. And they should especially not be in the pit in front of the band, where all the mayhem is going on. So I complied a list of people i never want to see at a concert again:

  • Preteens/Young teenagers- if you are not old enough to drive yourself there, or at least have friends that are old enough to drive you there. You should not be at a concert. You're whiney ass 10-15 year old selves should be at home doing homework. You are the most annoying fuckers because you think anyone gives a shit about you. You think your sooo cool cause your at a concert that you act like a total fucking retard. Even worse if your parents are with you. You cannot be cool if your at a concert with your parents. This especially goes to you white girl that can't dance, just because you feel the need to have seizure in the pit does not mean that anyone else appreciates you knocking into them with your awful dancing. Seriously i wanted to rip your hair out last night.

  • Mommy Dearest-listen i realize your obnoxious preteens drug you to the concert, but don't be in the pit getting in my fucking way. And don't encourage your kids obnoxious behavoir. If you can't trust your kid to go to a concert alone, they shouldn't be at the concert. Because obviously they are not mature enough to act like a normal person in human society. Also the faces you make at everyone else dancing around you, make me want to bitch slap you. You should have gotten seating if you didn't want to be crammed in with other people. BTW, your are not helping your kids by holding their hands and regurgitating food into their mouths, nor is it cute that you cater to their every whim.

  • Old fucks- If you are over 35, what are you listening to fallout boy for? and why are you there alone drinking and dancing by yourself and making everyone else feel uncomfortable by your meer presence. Plus not cool when you push your way to the front of the stage when you are a foot taller than everyone else around you. Other people want to see douchebags.

  • I'm too cool for this girls- I got stuck next to two of these avril lavine clones last night (no offense to avril, she's awesome). Smile, you're at a fucking concert. Spending your time texting on your phone is a waste of a 40 dollar concert ticket. Its worse when you don't move and you get pissy other people are bumping into you and your phone. You're in the fucking pit, what did you think was going to happen? And why do you spend the whole time texting or videotaping the concert? It's not going to be more fun the next day when you watch it again. Live shows are awesome because they are LIVE. and if your not having any fun the first time, you're not going to have more the second time.
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